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Growing fresh produce, raising chickens, & creating delectable delights from the harvest in Franklin, VT.

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Thank you for dropping by; pull up a chair and join us. Hear tales of chicken adventures, weed worries, escaping pigs, tractor trials, mechanical mishaps and more as we learn something new everyday at Wandering Moose Farms.
Inside these pages you will find delicious preserves to top that English muffin on a leisurely Sunday morning, delicious baked goods for that holiday dinner or special occasion, and you can follow along with the daily happenings on the farm in Jennifer's blog.
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Once a retired dairy farm, this land is slowly being revived into a working vegetable, poultry, Christmas tree, and livestock farm. Closed as a dairy farm in 1968, the land rested and waited patiently to be used again. In 2006, Jennifer and her husband moved into her family's farmhouse and planted the first 2,600 Christmas trees. The following year chickens arrived, more trees were planted, and the farm has been growing ever since. What started as a hobby and foray into self-sufficiency has since become a passion. Our family hopes to dedicate our future to this peaceful corner of northern Vermont and produce fresh local fruits and vegetables, Christmas trees, eggs, fresh baked goods, warm and cozy knit and crochet items for the whole family, and perhaps someday meats and cheeses.

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We hope you enjoy your stay! Come back soon and see what new and exciting plants, animals and projects are budding!

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